Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salad Spinner

I got this salad spinner as a wedding gift 9 years ago. Whoever gave us this gift knew what they were doing. Thank you! I have been using it a lot. Love it!

It works so well for quickly washing and drying leafy greens and herbs. If you want to avoid having to dry them with paper towels or soggy salad, this is a winner.

All I need to do is to chop up my greens, toss them into the strainer inside, rinse them, put the strainer back into the clear outer bowl, and push the top nob down to spin. Voila! You have nice crispy greens.

There are many different kinds available. I would suggest buying a nicer looking one, though it may cost a little more. Because you can use the clear outer bowl as a serving dish for the salad you just made, if you need to take your salad to somewhere else, it also makes a perfect serving dish/transferring container with a lid. 


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