Friday, December 31, 2010

Plum Bistro - Gourmet Vegan

Today is the last day of year 2010! A lot has happened...just like any other year. Became a vegan. Quit my job. Started to learn how to play the guitar. Made a cross county road trip. Started this blog. Had cardiac surgery. Experienced both pain and growth. I guess it was a good year.

The holiday season has thrown me off of my diet a little bit. As I proclaimed at the very beginning of this blog, I'm not a hard-core vegan. (Hence the 'Antidisestablishment Vegetarianism.') Yes, I ate a small piece of turkey my neighbor cooked for Thanksgiving. Yes, I had a slice of non-vegan pies that my mother-in-law made for Christmas. (I skipped the ice cream!) I think it's okay to give myself a little slack here and there for special reasons...

Anyways, my loving husband took me out to Plum Bistro for lunch today. It is one of those vegan restaurants that I've wanted to check out for quite some time. Those who follow me on Facebook saw that GROUPON was offering a 50% off deal several days ago. We paid $12 and got $25 worth of food!

Sauteed Mushroom & Chard Crepe
(My order: This was really delicious! The creamy sauce on the crepe was a nice touch. Red Potatoes were perfectly prepared, but I can go without creamy dressing.)

Corn Flour Quinoa Crepe
(My non-vegan husband's order: This was really delicious too! He was very happy with it.)

Spicy Mac 'N' Yease
(I don't think I'll order again. It was a little too oily for me.)

The food was a little too rich and over-seasoned for my taste. I personally prefer flavorful food over rich&tasty food. But overall it was good. Most of the lunch items are under $10 and I think it's reasonable considering they use organic ingredients. They don't give you a huge portion like some restaurants do, which I like. But I can see that others may be disappointed... I would like to try their dinner menu some time!

Plum Bistro - Gourmet Vegan
Location: 1429 12th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122
Hours: 9:00am - 10:30pm (Mon-Fri)
            10:00am - 10:30pm (Sat&Sun)

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