Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You expect me to eat this and get better?

Well, I haven't been lazy, I have been sick. Last Monday morning, I checked in with my clinic to have an outpatient cardiac catheterization test done. Long story short, I ended up spending the night at the hospital since I gave him a consent to treat me for an unrelated issue he had found during the test. (I don't think it was the best time to ask me anything of that weight since I was in and out of la-la-land...)

I was wheeled in on my bed to my room on the fourth floor after I was stable enough to move. I think it was late afternoon and my nurse gave me some instructions (or restrictions, should I say...) and a menu for "Room Service". Though I had been fasting since the previous night, I wasn't quite ready to eat. But I needed to place an order before they closes at 7pm. So, I reluctantly look a look at the menu...

Seriously? You expect me to eat this and get better? Hmmm... the entree choices were Beef Pot Roast, Mac&Cheese, Artichoke Mushroom Chicken and Grilled Salmon. No vegetarian choices? A few things I could order were Salad with Tofu (instead of grilled salmon or chicken breast), Corn Flakes, Toast, and Vegetarian Soup. I don't want to even go over breakfast choices of sugary cereals and everything with bacon...  I think you get my point...

Fortunately, one of my friends was planning on bringing a meal to our house that night. (She's a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and planning to be a personal chef. Though I probably can't afford her service, she's been so kind and gracious to cook for our family several times over the last few weeks.) And my wonderful husband went home to pick up the food for me. I have to repeat what I said several posts ago, "Friendship is the best medicine".

This is what I had! Stuffed Eggplant, Sautéed Green Beans and Orzo (not in the picture). It was so delicious and healthy.

Thank you Allyson, for rescuing me from that horrible hospital food!!

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