Monday, October 11, 2010

Friendship is the best medicine

When I started this blog on July 28th, 2010, I promised myself that I will write one post a day. I had kept that promise for 68days! I think it's an accomplishment though a small one.. I really enjoy sharing what I'm learning with you as I try to eat healthy each day. If you have been following my blog, you probably noticed that I haven't kept my promise for the last week or so. Well, unfortunately, I fell very ill and spent most of last week in my bed...

I was born with very rare and complex heart condition and had undergone several surgeries in the past. This is something I have to live with for my entire life, and there is no complete cure for this yet. I've been under a cardiologist's care since I was a baby. I still have to go through several more tests to figure out what is making my heart give me such trouble this time around, before the doctors can suggest some treatments for me. The good news is that the blood tests confirmed that none of the essential nutrients are lacking from my body. (I have been eating almost vegan for about 4 months now.) Considering the fact that animal fat consumption can cause coronary artery blockage (heart attack in severe cases) in persons with a normal heart, it's probably a really good thing that I don't consume animal fat anymore...

I have such wonderful friends who have been bringing us meals almost everyday so that I don't have to cook. None of them are vegan, but they honor my wish to eat vegan food. I appreciate their love and friendship with all my heart. Without their help, it would have been much harder to eat healthy food while I'm too sick to cook. I think it's ironic that it's harder to find quick and healthy food from the store when you really need to be eating healthy to get better. I'm not saying it's impossible, it's just not as easy as finding quick, junky food.

I may not be able to post quite as many recipes as I have been since I haven't been cooking much lately, but I hope I can still provide useful information to my readers.


  1. sending you love and lots of healing wishes.

    (the bright side is we have time to catch up on all those posts - 68 days straight - amazing!=)


  2. Thanks, Kalli. You are so positive!