Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boneless Chicken?

Have you seen this cartoon strip from the Far Side?

Well, we think it's funny because we know it's not a boneless chicken we have been eating. You know that the factory farms de-bone chickens after they have been killed... Are you sure about that?

Just like what I wrote in '380-million-eggs-recalled' article a couple months ago, there are so many things that we are not generally informed about the factory farms. Did you know that 90% of factory farm raised broiler chickens have leg problems and 26% suffer from chronic pain as a result of bone disease.? It is because the chickens grow much faster and bigger due to selective breeding and growth-promoting drugs. In the 1950s, it took 84 days to raise a five-pound chicken, it now takes only 45 days. Two researchers in The Veterinary Record report, “We consider that birds might have been bred to grow so fast they are on the verge of structural collapse.” (For more info, please visit The picture is not too far from this cartoon strip, at least these cartoon chickens seems to be raised free-range...that is if they can move around without any bones...

I also want to share this You Tube clip that one of my friends posted on Facebook a while ago.

You can make fun of my 'Chickenless Nuggets', but I think I'll stick to them...


  1. Have I mentioned that my parents run a chicken farm? hehe They raise the chicken then gather the eggs. I will have to agree that living conditions are not the greatest. Even my dad is against the hormones and anti-biotics they have to use. I guess there will have to be a huge reform in order for things to change.

  2. One chicken farmer at a time... or one vegetarian/vegan at a time...