Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teapot Vegetarian House - Redmond

About two months ago, I wrote a post about the Teapot Vegetarian House in the Capitol Hill area. This time, I went to their Redmond location with seven of my non-vegan friends for dinner. One of my friends organizes a 'Diners Club' once a month, where the idea is to go check out different restaurant together. It is a great way to try a new restaurant, because we usually share a meal 'family-style' which enables us to eat a variety of foods, then one of us would write an overall review on behalf of everyone. A friend of mine wrote a review this time, and she can probably give you a less biased opinion about vegan dishes than I could since she's not a vegan, and she is an excellent writer. I took bunch of pictures for you to enjoy...

 Bo Bo Platter

"Beef" Fried Rice

Mushroom Yaki Udon
Roasted Tofu Soup Noodle
String Beans in Hot Garlic Sauce

We also ordered Sizzling Rice Soup, Spring Rolls, and Fried Wide Noodles in Dark Sauce though I don't have the pictures to prove it... I like their Sizzling Rice Soup, but I think they gave it to me in a bigger bowl at the other location. I was really anxious to try their "Cheese"cake after reading bunch of good reviews... I actually liked it more than regular cheesecake. Even before becoming a vegan (not quite yet), I could only have a bite or two of regular cheesecake, it was too sweet and rich for me. Anyways, here's my friend's review. Enjoy! 

"Teapot Vegetarian House is actually a vegan restaurant, and a good choice for lunch or dinner in the Redmond, WA area.

Teapot is located in a strip mall near Microsoft, convenient to shopping, although the off-street parking is in a lot with an approximately 30-degree grade, which could be a challenge to disabled patrons. From the outside, the restaurant appears smaller than it really is. Inside is pleasantly generic Asian décor, Tables are sturdy, and the floor plan seems well thought out as well as flexible enough to comfortably accommodate our party of 8. Bathrooms were clean-ish and accessible to the disabled, although we did spot a dead cricket in one.
We had a range of diners, from vegan to unadventurous to an adventurous hot chili lover. The menu is varied, and everyone found something that suited them. One of our diners ordered beer, and there is a decent variety of beer and wine to be consumed with dinner for those who prefer that.
Note that several dishes at Teapot contain a protein source designated by the name in quotes of the meat it most tastes like, for example, “Chicken” fingers.
We started off with the BoBo platter, which was a combination plate of all the available appetizers—“chicken” fingers, satay, spring rolls, fried wonton dumplings, tofu fritters and tofu rolls. Everyone seemed to like these, except one diner who found the fried wontons to be overly greasy.
We then enjoyed a shared family-style meal of deluxe fried rice with “beef”, sizzling rice soup, mushroom yaki udon, roasted tofu soup noodle, string beans in hot garlic sauce, and fried wide noodles in dark sauce. The last two were the favorites—the slight heat of the garlic sauce on the string beans was appreciated, and the wide noodles were cooked to the perfect point. We also were pleased by the mysterious non-descript name ‘dark’ sauce. The “chicken” was better than the “beef”, but both were good, and neither was necessary to the taste of the dish—probably just thrown in to placate carnivores.
Overall, our hot chili lover found several of the dishes to be slightly too heavy on salt, and too light on spice. Our unadventurous eater skipped the family-style hodgepodge and stuck contentedly to a personal order of spring rolls.

For dessert, we all shared bites of a single large slice of tofu cheesecake decorated with mango sauce and blueberries. The ‘cheesecake’ was savory with a tofu-esque aftertaste; a suitable very nice dessert that I’d order again, but not American cheesecake.
The bill for all of this food was very reasonable, and I’ve chosen not to discuss our (mis)handling of the payment process, other than to say it was hilarious. "
Location: 15230 NE 24th St. Redmond, WA 98052 
Hours: Hours: 11:00am-10:30pm (Daily)

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