Sunday, September 12, 2010

Healthy Living Fair

I was at PCC's annual "healthy living" fair in Issaquah, WA earlier today. It was another cloudy September day in Seattle, but energy at the fair was great! There were about 100 vendors there to share information and hand out free samples of over 600 products. 

You get a sense of wellness from the people when you go and meet those who've decided to be conscious about what they put in their body. I also appreciated the passion of the reps from the vendors who were there to hand out samples ans answer our questions. I tried so many interesting and yummy foods there that will make it on my next grocery list for sure. Look at all the free samples I got to take home too!

The coupons they were handing out will be very handy as I incorporate some of the items into my future meals. I would like to thank all the vendors who were there!!

I met several interesting people at the event as well. I met a couple who's been vegan for over 30 years and were there to promote a vegetarian life style. I got a book from them called 'Vegetarian Pacific Northwest - A Guide to Restaurants and Shopping'. It will be a great resource! I also met an MD who is passionate about educating his patients about the correlation between diet and health. He gave me a book recommendation, and I'm planning on checking it out later. I also chatted with a rep from 'Follow Your Heart' (the company who makes my favorite Vegenaise) and found out that they are working on soy-free products now!

If you decided to visit my blog because of an encounter we had at the fair, please drop a comment, or write to me via Facebook, or Twitter@Veggiable. I would love to hear your feedback and stay in touch with you. It was nice meeting you!!!

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