Sunday, September 5, 2010


I love mayonnaise. I probably have gone a little overboard with mayonnaise in the past... I could eat rice just with mayo... I've used mayo as salad dressing... I ate my hard boiled eggs with mayo... I would even dip my sushi into mayo... I spread mayo on my toast...I could eat pasta just with mayo and some toppings...

Fortunately, I got over my mayo-holicism since I moved to the US. Quite frankly, American mayonnaise just isn't that great. Sorry... I love Japanese mayonnaise! (Dutch mayonnaise is good too!) So, in a very unexpected way, American mayo made my transition into Veganaise much easier.

This is the one I usually buy at PCC. It is a vegan product, so it's egg free and dairy free, which means no cholesterol. It has no preservatives or GMO. When I was in the hunt for a vegan version of mayonnaise, I picked this one up because the main ingredient was grapeseed oil. It has soy protein listed on the ingredients list, but not as a main ingredient like some other kinds. Plus, grapeseed oil sounded more exciting than soybean oil... As it turns out, grapeseed oil is good for fryng since it has a high smoking point and it can be used to make dressings since it doesn't have a strong flavor. 

It is more expensive than regular American mayonnaise, but not much more than buying a bottle (or tube) of Japanese mayonnaise. I think it was somewhere around $5 a jar. 

Update: I just met a rep from Follow Your Heart (the company who makes the Vegenaise) at the healthy living fair in Issaquah, WA. He told me they are working on soy-free product now!! (9-12-2010)

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