Friday, September 10, 2010

Identity Crisis...?

'Veggiable' have gained 18 'likes' on Facebook in two weeks! I post cool and informative articles, quick tips, thought-provoking quotes, good deals etc. If you haven't 'liked' it yet, you are missing out! Some of the deals I post are time sensitive, so you may want to get them right on your wall.

Well, I'm still new to this healthy diet, blogging, facebooking, and tweeting stuff. Sometimes I wish I had a one-word explanation of what kind of eater I am, such as vegan, vegetarian, etc. Life seems much simpler that way... I eat mostly a plant-based diet, but I'm not a vegan because I eat fish, and I'm not really a pescatarian. I could call myself a flexitarian but I'm not all that flexible. (For more information on what I do and don't eat, please read posts in my "About Antidisestablishment Vegetarianism" section.)

On the other hand, it's nice to be free from a label. There's a sense of freedom in not having to fit into a description created by someone else.

Here is a quick glance of some common food-selection practices and ideologies. (Source: Experience Life Magazine)
  • Omnivore: eater of both plant- and animal-based foods
  • Flexitarian: mostly vegetarian; sometimes eats meat
  • Lacto-vegetarian: vegetarian who eats dairy products but doesn't eat eggs
  • Ovo-vegetarian: vegetarian who eats eggs but doesn't eat dairy products
  • Pescatarian: vegetarian who eats fish
  • Vegan: eats no meat, eggs or dairy, and no animal-derived ingredients like gelatin, honey or whey 
  • Raw-foodist: eater of unprocessed foods, that are not heated above 115 to 118F; often vegan
  • Locavore: prefers foods grown or produced in their own local neighborhood or region - often within a certain radius
  • Microbiotic: consumes unprocessed vegan foods, sometimes fish; generally avoids refined oils, flours and sugars
  • Kosher: abides by Jewish dietary laws; avoids pork, shell-fish and fish without scales; does not mix meat and dairy in same meal; eats only meat prepared by Kosher methods
  • Halal: abides by Islamic dietary laws and customs; avoids pork and alcohol, may avoid seafood or fish without scales; eats only meat prepared by Halal methods
  • Fruitarian: eats only fruits or foods that fall from plants, or that do not require the destruction of the plant for harvesting
For someone like me, who is still new to eating a selective diet, it's very intriguing to know about the different choices people make for different reasons.

What kind of eater are you?

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