Friday, September 3, 2010

'Farm To You' by Full Circle Farm

Last month I wrote a post about Full Circle Farm being my favorite stop at farmer's markets. Then I received a comment from Echo of Eve recommending their home delivery service. Thank you for your comment!

I received my first box of organic veggies and fruits this week from their 'Farm To You' service. I signed up for 'standard' size, which is 'perfect for a household of two adults, with just enough extra to accommodate a young child's appetite' according to their website. They also offer family size option, which is good for family of four. The cost for standard size is $35 for home delivery and $32 for pick-up. I opted for pick-up since the pick-up site is only a couple of minutes from my house. They have many pick-up sites around Puget Sound area and across the state of Alaska. I saved $3 by making a few extra turns on my way home from grocery shopping.

This is how the pick-up site looks like. It's actually someone's front porch. Even though they have been left outside, the box felt nice and cool in the shade. All you have to do is to find the one with your name on it and take it home. You can also drop off a cardboard box from previous week at the site for recycle/reuse.

The box was well packed with goodies. 

This is what I got for $32.
1 Celery
1 Yellow Onion
1 Broccoli ( =3 small ones)
2 Tomatoes
1 bunch of Baby Bok Choy 
1 bunch of Green Chard
1 bunch of Carrots (with leaves!)
3 heads of Mixed Baby Lettuce
1 Cantaloupe
3 Peaches
3 Yellow Nectarines
3 Fire Dapple Pluots

I'm very happy with the quality and quantity! The price is reasonable considering they are all organic. They are mostly locally grown except the tomatoes are from California (well that's closer than Mexico...right?) I will give myself a few more weeks to see if this is a good amount for us before deciding on a longer term commitment. I'm still flirting with this service. If I know for sure this works for us, I will pre-pay for 10 boxes in order to get a 5% discount.

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